Frozen Pitted Pie Cherries


Montmorency Tart Cherries that we grow, harvest, and process ourselves. Washed, sorted, pitted, and frozen ready to go!

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Montmorency tart cherries or pie cherries have been grown in our family for five generations. We pride ourselves in providing a premium product for your next pie, jam, or other baked good. Bright red, fully ripe tart cherries are harvested, washed, de-stemmed, pitted, and packaged all within a few hours in our USDA certified processing facility. Each container is topped with sugar to maintain color, taste, and texture at a 5:1 cherry to sugar ratio. Tart Cherries have been proven to help you fall asleep and among a variety of other health benefits

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2 lbs, 1 qt., 30 lbs, 4 Gallon, 7.5 lb, 1 Gallon


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