Fundraising FAQ


Is your produce organic?
Our farms are not currently “organic” but we practice “minimum impact farming” techniques that are designed to have the minimal effect on the environment. Our farming practices include: minimal use of pesticides and the most environmentally friendly pesticides, the use of beneficial insects and biocontol agents and the use of low input irrigation to save water. We grow fruit in a manner that we have full confidence feeding it to our kids and yours.

How long will my fruit last?
Fruit will usually last up to 2 weeks refrigerated.

Do you grow your fruit?
Yes, we grow and pack the fruit and make the farm products we sell except the citrus which we get directly from grower packers in California.

Do we pay upfront?
There is no upfront cost to you. You simply pay at the end of the fundraiser once all the fruit has been distributed out to your customers. You will pay our wholesale cost of the fruit and your organization just keeps the profit you earned.

What happens if we receive some bad or damaged fruit?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will automatically send a free box of fruit for every 100 boxes to cover any damaged or decayed pieces of fruit.

Do you provide any fundraising materials?
Yes, we provide your organization with order forms, a tally sheet and take home flyers that explain about the fundraiser. You can print the forms right off of our website from the Forms page or create your own. We will also provide advertising posters that you can hang up around your school if requested.

Is there a minimum order?
Your group must sell at least 200 boxes to cover the freight costs in order for us to guarantee delivery. If you are anywhere close, of course we will work with you on it. We are a little more flexible with the minimum for local large group orders. Many canning groups like to order in August/September so they can get a large variety of fruit in the same load.

Do we have to pay for shipping?
No, the shipping costs are included for local delivery. Long distance delivery can be arranged and will be included in the price per box that we give you.

What is the average profit margin?
The average profit margin is 40-50% and the average profit per box is $10.00-$20.00 and $3.00-$8.00 on smaller items or boxes. If 20 students sell 20 boxes, your group will earn $4,000.00. If 50 students sell 20 boxes, you earn $10,000.00. If 100 students sell 20 boxes, you earn $20,000.00 and so on.

Should we collect money in advance?
It is recommended that you collect your money at the same time your customers place their orders.

How is the fruit unloaded?
It is your group’s responsibility to unload the fruit off of the truck and distribute it to your customers. This is the only labor intensive part of the whole fundraiser. The fruit will arrive in a refrigerated truck or pick up for local deliveries. The driver cannot unload the truck alone without forklift. You will need 5-10 volunteers, depending on the size of your order, to unload if fork lift is not available.

What are the payment terms?
Payment is due upon receipt. Once the fruit has been delivered and you are happy with the fruit, we will bring you an invoice for our wholesale cost.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please call, text, or email us today. Call or text Mark Rowley 509-331-4844 or [email protected]