FreshPicks is a family owned company. We have been farming for 6 generations. We operate 1000 acres. Our main crop is tart cherries. We harvest and process 8 Million lbs of cherries a season. Our production is increasing to 12-16 million lbs within the next 3-5 years, as our new tress grow into full production. FreshPicks is the marketing entity for the farm (Rowley and Hawkins fruit farms) and Northwest Tart Cherry inc., our processing company. Freshness, quality, and food safety are important key factors for us. Our farms are Global Gap certified and the processing plant is SQF internationally certified. Our main goal is “to grow great fruit to grow great families.” We were taught while young to work hard and then play hard. Working together for so many years has allowed our unique farm to grow along with our families.

For more information about cherries, including nutritional information, recipes, etc., visit http://www.choosecherries.com/