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How it works

How it works:

We provide a local healthy fresh alternative to boost your fundraising efforts.


  • -- Select the time frame of year your organization would like to fundraise
  • -- Review the different fruits and farm products available for that time frame.
  • -- Contact a farm representative to sign up for participation in the program and ask about availability prior to taking orders.
  • -- Project details will be coordinated with the Farm rep. (Availability, scheduling, set dates for sales period, ordering, delivery.)
  • -- Please allow 48 hours after the completion of the final order to confirm delivery date.
    • (In order to ensure you have the highest quality product - the 48 hours allows us time  to confirm order quantities and pick more if needed to ensure freshness)
    • (If your group is outside of Washington a delivery charge will be added, and the minimum order may change. These details will be worked out between you and the farm rep.)
  • -- Print forms
  • -- Start selling and collecting your money
  • -- Place final order
  • -- Confirm delivery date and time
  • -- Help unload fruit if fork lift is not available.
  • -- Verify order, sign and pay invoice 
  • -- Profits ($) you get to keep for your organization.