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Market Policy

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FreshPicks Saturday Farmers Market

June 2nd – October 29th 2016

2016 Market Season Vendor Guide

Market is held at the Holiday Inn next to the TRAC on Convention Place

Market hours: 8am-1pm

FreshPicks Farmers Market general rules


1.          All vendors must receive these general rules and sign it, thereby acknowledging that they have read and understood the vendor rules.

2.          An attitude of cooperation, collaboration, and professionalism is expected from all members at all times. No one may cause an interruption of the enjoyment of the market, of the customers, or of the vendors. Vendors are asked to be fair in pricing both to the consumer and other vendors.

3.          All products sold at the market must be hand crafted, home grown, or self-produced by the vendor. Commissioned brokers and/or salespersons may not be vendors at the market. Market Management may ask for proof of compliance to this rule at any time, and if proof is not obtained, Market Management may prohibit the vendor from selling at the market. All Items that the vendor wishes to sell but does not produce must be pre-approved by the Market Management. These will only be allowed if they are not currently being sold at the market, or not in sufficient supply, are of high quality.  Allowed products may not be priced lower than similar items produced by vendors.  Craft items not made by the vendor, cannot be sold.

4.          Vendors must display a sign with their farm/company name. They must also display a sign or whiteboard/blackboard to display the prices of their products. Every product must be clearly marked with its price either by the sign or by individually marking items.

5.          Vendors may not be on site before 6:00 am, and must be in there stalls by 7:30. Vendors who sell-out early must display a sign informing customers that they have sold-out. The booth must remain in place until 1:00 and all stalls must be cleaned and vacated by 2:00 pm.  All vendors must clean their booth and surrounding area. All spoiled produce, garbage, plants, unwanted craft, boxes, sacks, etc. must be removed and taken with you. There are no dumpsters or garbage cans provided for the vendors. Garbage cans or bins for customers should be provided by the vendors.

6.          There are no guaranteed or reserved stalls at the market; however an effort will be made by the Market Management to place vendors in the same location every week and in a place that is suitable for their product. If space is limited, preference will be given to market members over non-profit or non-member vendors.

7.            Stall spaces are 10’x10’, with space in the back for your vehicle. All vendors must use canopies, which need to be weighted down with at least 25 pounds on each support and also staked down. The market will not provide awnings, tables, or umbrellas for vendor use.  Only one vehicle per stall will be allowed.

8.          Vendors misrepresenting goods or having inferior goods will be prohibited from continuing to sell on that market day.

9.          Vendors are responsible for conforming to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations concerning collection, reporting, and payment of taxes, employment rules, etc.

10.        Vendors must comply with the Benton/Franklin County Health Department.

11.       Smoking, the consumption of any tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs is prohibited within market area. Vendors will be not be under the influence of alcohol or any other drug while on the market premises.

12.      Vendors who sell prepared food must comply with all city, county, and state health requirements concerning the preparation and labeling of prepared foods.

13.      Vendors are allowed to sample their products; however they must comply with the Benton/Franklin County Health Department standards.

14.          Craft vendors will provide pictures of each type of craft with their application for review and approval by the Market Management.       


Rules for Food On-sight Preparation


1.          Concession stands with their complete menus will be preapproved by Market Management. Complete menus and photos of the inside and outside of the stand set-up are required to be attached to the application and can be mailed or emailed to the Market Management.

2.          Vendors must be self-contained. Holiday Inn does not have water or power hookups. Generators are allowed as long as they are quiet and approved by Market Management.

3.          Vendors must have and display in plain sight a Washington State Food Handlers’ Permit.


Fee Schedule


Membership fee: $100.00

(Due on or before May 20th, or two weeks prior to vending)

Member stall fee: $30.00

(Payable on market day)

Non-member stall fee: $50.00




Vendors are required to notify Market Management by phone or email at least 48 hours in advance, so by Thursday of the week that you will be absent.


Woman, Infant, Children Program (WIC)


WIC checks can only be used on fresh fruits and vegetables. For information regarding applying to be able to receive WIC checks, please ask Market Management. You must complete the required paperwork and submit it to the state. Once this has been completed you will be assigned a grower number. All checks must be stamped in the appropriate area with the Market ID number and grower number. The grower number remains the same at each market that you participate in.


Debit/Credit cards


There will be no token Debit/Credit card service provided by Market Management; however vendors are encouraged to have the appropriate equipment to be able to accept debit/credit cards.


Daily Sales Report


A blank Daily Sales Report slip will be given to each vendor at each market. Vendors must complete it and return it to Market Management or designated location. The Daily Sales slip may also emailed to Market Management. These will remain confidential and will not be shared, except in an aggregate form. Records of customer attendance will be kept and shared with those who are interested.


Contact Information:


Office Phone: 509-269-4786

Cell Phone: 509-331-4844


Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Fax: 509-269-4949

Mailing address: 5121 N. Wahluke Rd. Basin City, WA  99343

Make checks payable to: FreshPicks


The Market Management reserves the right to not allow any product or vendor in effort to establish a market of a large variety of high quality products.

  1. Membership Fee

    FreshPicks Saturday Farmers Market at Trac membership fee allows you to come and vend every week for the member stall rate. Members of the market will be given entrance before non-member Learn More