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FreshPicksWa Blog

FreshPicksWa Blog

  • Winter Flavors

    As winter approaches, our menu has some added seasonal favorites that we wanted everyone to be aware of. Hot apple cider (from our local apples) may replace your morning smoothie. We have also worked to improve our hot chocolate recipe. So this year, warm up from the cold winter with our even better hot chocolate, which you can try with real fruit infused flavors. We also have a special hot apple sauce recipe for a great morning or afternoon snack. IMG_20131002_143126

  • Holiday Gift ideas

    This Holiday season, we hope you will visit us and keep in mind some of our great party and gift options.  Try out a new gift idea for business associates, friends, or parties--the edible kind are always a hit. Our gift baskets can be custom made to your liking, but generally include local fruit, jams, Sheffield sparkling cider, and Great Harvest bread. Call or visit our Kennewick store to order!IMG_20140123_124932 IMG_20140123_130347IMG_20131216_092617 IMG_20131216_092627Our Fruit Bouquets are a thoughtful and interesting treat. Our store is one of the few places to find them nearby, so you know it will be a new and fun idea. We can customize the base and decorations to your theme and you can choose the size that fits your recipient(s). Try them out! IMG_20131216_123404   IMG_20131223_143402

    Our dipped and candy coated fruit platters can be a beautiful addition to your holiday spread or just a fun treat for the family. As always we also have jam gift packs, where you can choose one of our many flavors.


  • Carameled Apples

    photo (1)

    Festive caramel apples are now available at our Kennewick store. The flavored chocolates taste great and the apples are locally grown--so they are fresh and tasty! Try it out as a fun gift idea or family treat!


  • Dried Cherry Granola Bars

    These are posted online as "playgroup granola bars" at, and who would guess, I tried them for the first time at a playgroup ;) They are amazing, especially warm, and they are a great use for our dried cherries!


    2 cups rolled oats

    3/4 cup packed brown sugar

    1/2 cup wheat germ (I substitute other things because I don't often have this on hand. Can use flour, crushed graham crackers, etc.)

    3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

    1 cup flour

    3/4 cup dried cherries

    3/4 teaspoon salt

    1/2 cup honey

    1 egg beaten

    1/2 cup vegetable oil

    2 tsp vanilla

    Mix the dry ingredients. Make a well in the middle and add the egg, honey, vanilla. Mix well with your hands. Pat the mixture evenly into a well greased 9 x 13 pan. Bake at 350. It says 30 to 35 minutes, but with my oven it was overdone at 25, --so watch for the edges to be golden brown. Cool for 5 minutes, but cut before cold or they get too hard to cut.

  • Fresh Peach Pie

    If you have bought some of our peaches and would like a recipe idea, this is a great one--especially if you don't love cooked fruit as much. This is a family recipe from Matt, one of those who married into our families. It is really great tasting and easy to make!


    6-8 peaches

    1 C sugar

    3 Tbsp corn starch

    3/4 C water

    1/4 tsp almond flavoring

    2 Tbsp butter

    Previously cooked pie crust and real whipped cream

    Instructions: Mash 3 peaches, combine them with sugar, cornstarch, and cold water and cook on medium heat til it comes to a boil and thickens. Once it thickens, pull it off the heat and add the almond and butter. As it cools, slice 3-4  peaches. Strain (if you want you can add to the thickened sauce) and add into a  pre-made pie crust. Pour the cooling mixture into the pie shell (this amount will do one large pie shell, or two eight inch shells). Refrigerate for two hours and cover with homemade whipped cream.

  • New Pie Flavors!!

    Since Holiday season is coming up, I just wanted to remind everyone about our delicious frozen pies. This year we have added two flavors! They are homemade with locally grown fruit, from our kitchen to yours. We will now be selling peach pie and a mixed berry pie, along with the apple, cherry, and chapple we sold before. Of course, I taste tested them so that I can give you a great review (strictly for business purposes ;). They are a great quality, and awesome with ice cream. We are open to feedback, because we want to be sure that our fruit pies are the best around. So stop by our store and try them out, and let us know what you think!

    If you have bought a box of our peaches and would like a great fresh peach pie recipe (the type where the fruit is not cooked), then check back soon. I will post that later this week.

  • Freezing tips and recipes

    I have found myself making a lot of jam and freezing a lot of fruit lately, so it must be a good time to share some tips. For those who haven't done a lot of frozen fruit, I will share what we generally do to preserve the delicious peaches and raspberries for the whole year. It is great for smoothies, or you can thaw them to use on French toast, fruit salads, or whatever you might like.

    • I find that quart sized freezer bags are easy and are also a size I can use soon enough after thawing the fruit later. Also, since it is smaller, it takes little time to fill the bag and gives less time for lighter fruits to turn brown before freezing.
    • If you want to freeze peaches, peel and cut them into the size you like to use (slices, chunks, etc.). At this point opinions vary. Some like to put a little lemon juice (depending on how full your bags are, it could be about a tbsp.--just a light coating) on the fruit so that it doesn't go brown. Other people buy the special products like Fruit Fresh, which do basically the same as lemon juice but without the lemon flavor. Some people also like to add a little sugar. I have found that if I put my fruit in the freezer immediately after cutting it, then I don't have to use anything. With raspberries or strawberries, just wash the fruit, cut if you desire, and put them in the bags to freeze. They say this fruit is best if eaten within 6 months, but I'll be honest--I eat it all year until the next harvest and it still seems great.
    • If you want your fruit frozen individually instead of in a big clump, don't overfill the bags. Just put in enough that when layed flat it is a single layer of fruit. Yes, this will mean that you use a lot more bags. But, this is nice because the fruit keeps its pretty shape, and you can use just some of the berries later instead of thawing out the whole bag.  Freeze the bags flat with the fruit spread evenly, and once they are frozen you can stack them up on their side and save room in the freezer.

    A fun thing to try is lemonade flavorings. I always make them if I have a little extra while making jams. Just blend up your fruit of choice. I prefer raspberry and strawberry, but have also tried peach-raspberry, peach, or other mixtures. Add enough sugar that it is sweet when you taste it (generally not as much as if you were making jam).  If you want to, at this point you could use a sieve to strain out the seeds, but I don't mind them so I don't. Then I put them into little cups like those they would use for condiments (you can get them in bulk at URM in Kennewick). I stack several of the cups with lids in a freezer bag and freeze them. Then if you want a fancy drink, make some Country Time lemonade and add your real fruit flavors and you have real strawberry lemonade, etc.  If you have the larger condiment cups it is about 1 for a gallon of lemonade. For the smaller condiment cups we use 2.  It's fast and easy, but kind of fancy!

  • Boxes for the Week

    In general news, our cherry harvest is almost over. We have enjoyed all those who have come from far and near to help with our harvest. It is always a family event with lots of people staying at our houses to get the work done.

    This is the best time of year for fruit. Peaches are now available, and our nectarines and many other fruits will be available for order. Check the website for what is in season now.

    As far as boxes for this week, here is what you can expect:

    Lunch Room box: 4 lb donut peaches, 4 lb Apricots, 2 lbs peaches, 1 lb plums, 1/2 pint blackberries, 1 lb nectarines.

    Large Fruit box: 2 lb pitted pie cherry, 2 lb apricots, 4 lbs peaches, 3 lbs donut peaches, 2 -1/2 pints if blackberries, 2 lb plums.

    Small fruit box: 1/2 pint blackberries, 2 lb apricots, 3 lb yellow peaches, 2.5 lb donut peaches, 1 lb plums

    Large Mixed box: 3 lb donut peaches, 2 suyo cucumbers, 1 lb green beans, 3 lbs peaches, 3 green zucchini, 6 corn, 2-3 green bell peppers, 1.5 lbs apricots

    Small Mixed box: 1 lb jalapeno peppers, 1 lb apricots, green beans, 1.5 donut, 2 lb peaches, 4 ears corns, 3-4 gypsy peppers

  • Fresh Peaches!

    Look for our donut peaches and other varieties showing up in our store and at markets. They are delicious!  The donut peaches may look different, but they are a sweet variety and they taste great. And, this is our mix for the boxes this week.

    Large Mixed box: 2-3 Suyo and slicing cucumbers, 2 lb cherries, 1 lb green beans, 3 lbs peaches, 3 Walla Walla sweet onions,  6 ears of corn, and 4 gypsy peppers

    Small Mixed box: 2-3 Suyo and slicing cucumbers, 2 lb apricots, 1 lb green beans, bunch of salad beets, 2 lbs peaches, 4 ears of corn.

    Large Fruit box: 2 lb rainier cherries, 2 lbs apricots, 3 lb peaches, 10 oz blueberry, 2 blackberry, 1 lbs plums.

    Small Fruit: 1 lb rainier cherries, 2 lbs apricots, 3 lb peaches, 10 oz blueberry, 1 lbs plums.

    Lunch Room box: 4 lb cherries, 4 lbs Apircots, 2 lbs peaches, 2 lb plums, 1 blackberry, 1 lb nectarines.

  • Mix This Week

    Sorry about last week's mix not getting posted. For this coming week, you can expect the following:

    Large Mixed box: 2 lb of Rainier cherries, 2 lb of apricots, 1 lb green beans, 3 lbs peaches, 2-3 eight ball squash, 2-3 eggplant, 1 lb gypsy peppers

    Small mixed box: 1 lb rainier cherries, 2 lb apricots, 1 lb green beans, 2-3 eight ball squash, 2 lb peaches, 18 oz blue berry

    Large Fruit Box: 2 lb Rainer cherries, 3 lb apricots, 3 lb peaches, 18 oz. blueberry, 2 raspberries.

    Small Fruit box: 2 lb rainier cherries, 2 lb apricots, 3lb peaches, 18 oz. blueberry.

    LunchRoom box: 4 lb rainier cherries, 4 lb apricots, 2 lb peaches, 18 oz blueberry, 1 ½ pint raspberry

    In other news, I had my baby last night!! We are excited for our beautiful girl to join our farm family :)

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